Curupira – Chapter 1


Chapter 1


students“How about traveling to the Amazon for camping?”

“Are you crazy? There are a lot of places to go to that are much closer.”

That conversation between José e Adalto about going to the Amazon started about 3 months ago. They both went to the same school and were just 17, so it was no wonder this conversation would take so long, their parents would never let them go to the Amazon on their own. Not before they were at least 18.


The one who was really eager to go was José. Adalto was always very reticent about everything, that’s why they made the perfect duo. One was always reckless and eager for adventure; the other was taciturn, shy and prudent. Without José, Adalto would always lead a protected and boring life, but José would probably have been dead by now without Adalto’s cautious nature.

José had a way with the ladies and so it was hard to keep tabs on all the girls he dated and how long the relationship lasted. Adalto didn’t know what to do when he got next to a girl. If he found the girl ugly or just plain, he’d be very relaxed around them and could show his intelligent side. But if they were pretty or if he felt any attraction for them, he’d become Mr. Blabbermouth or just plain mute. He’d either shut up and just look around and stammer up a storm whenever asked a question or talk too fast with no coherence whatsoever. No wonder he had a lot of trouble with the opposite sex. Without José’s help, he would still be a virgin.

José was a natural leader. Wherever he went, he could gather lots of people around him and make things happen. But Adalto was always around to make sure things went smoothly since José could be pretty aggressive or rub people the wrong way, but Adalto would keep José from doing it most of the time.

saopaulocity0041They lived in São Paulo City, near the Interlagos Racing Track and just imagine how far they’d have to go to get to the Amazon. First off, they could never do it without adult supervision, therefore they were trying to convince their geography teacher to go with them.

“No way,” said Jorge, the teacher. “I’ll be on vacation the same time as you guys, but why should I want to go to the end of the world? The Amazon still has Indians and lots of stuff nobody knows anything about. Even though people have traveled all over it, it is still full of mysteries.”

“Americans say ‘native Americans”’, Adalto commented. He spoke some English and had an American friend who always talked to him about the American culture and so he kept making comparisons. It had become a habit, which people regarded as annoying sometimes.

“For sure, no doubt about it, but this is Brazil. This politically correct language hasn’t gotten here yet. We say Indians even though it is a misnomer. “

“Ok,” José interrupted the discussion. “We are not discussing political correctness or language terms here, are you or are you not taking us to the Amazon, Jorge? Come on, your life sucks. What do you do? Just come here, teach us, go back home, get online, talk to stupid girls, jerk off and go to bed. Don’t try to deny it, you’re my neighbor. I pretty much know your routine.

“What the fuck! How do you dare talk to me like that?”

“Come on, Jorge,” Adalto butted in, “You know José is just pulling your leg. He’s just trying to get your hackles up so you’ll be irritated enough to take us there. But I know that won’t work with you. “

blonde-braziian“What’s going on here?” asked Beti, a beautiful girl José had the hots for, but who seemed not to notice anything and just ignored all his advances. She lived very far from school. She hadn’t been able to enroll in a school near her home and now she had to take a bus and travel 45 minutes to get to school every day. Even though she bitched a lot about the trip, she’d been coming to this school for 3 years, which meant she liked it, she had no enrollment excuse anymore, the first year she had made many friends and this school felt like home now.

“Those crazed demented guys want to go to the Amazon and are trying to convince me to take them, have you ever heard of anything as ludicrous as that?”

“Cool! Way cool!” She seemed about to burst with excitement. Her breasts moved up and down spasmodically and the three guys couldn’t keep from staring at them.

“I’m up here guys,” she pointed to her face and then said, “I gotta go with you guys, that’s been my dream for quite a while, I’m sure I can convince my daddy to let me go there. He’s been saving to send me to Rio, but the Amazon is much cooler.”

José looked at Jorge’s face and was absolutely sure his chances of talking him into taking them had just improved. Jorge would never say anything, but he was crazy about Beti as well. Who wasn’t? She was your typical Brazilian model. Nice ass, tits, legs. Green, anime eyes. Blonde. But Brazilian blonde, which usually means tanned year round. So he was the teacher, she was the student. Who cared? She was adult enough and that was the senior year, which made everything easier for teachers and students. His lips were dry, but he was drooling inwardly.

“Oh, what a great adventure that will be!” said Simone from behind all of them.

bellybuttonShe was a petite brunette who somehow could sneak anywhere. People never heard her approach. It was unbelievable. She’d make a stealthy assassin green with envy. She didn’t just show up, she’d magically appear everywhere. She seemed attached to Beti. They were inseparable. If Beti said she’d jump off a bridge, no doubt Simone would as well.

“Hey, what’s going on here? Is this a hall or a meeting room? Come on, move along, you’re clogging up the passageway.”

That was the annoying vice principal, so they should look for a better place to discuss the issue. What a pain in the ass that guy was. If having ill wishes toward someone could hurt or kill them, this vice shit would be hurt as hell or dead by now.

They walked toward the exit wordlessly.

Once out, Simone was the first to speak. “Forget the vice shit. He can’t even be evil enough to be the big shit, he can be just a vice asshole. Anyway, when are we going?”

She had no trouble going anywhere. First, her mom was a very well-paid manager in a paint plant, and second, she didn’t seem to pay any attention to her daughter. If her daughter asked her a question, many times, she’d just stick her hand into her purse and hand her some money.

One day, Simone wanted to demonstrate that to Beti and so went up to her mom and asked, “Will you let my daddy screw me, mom?”

And her mother just gave her R$ 50 and told her to skedaddle. She probably didn’t hear a word her daughter said, or maybe she did, but didn’t care one little bit.

Simone’s dad didn’t give a hoot, either. She was an only daughter and her parents had split when she was just 6. They were both very successful people but didn’t give a rat’s ass what their daughter was doing. She used to go to a private school, a very expensive one, but got tired of the snobs and decided to go to a public one. Or maybe she just wanted to feel superior by slumming it. Who knew people’s motivations?

But you’d think her parents would insist she had to keep going to the expensive school. Nope. They just said she could go anywhere she pleased, as long as she studied. They didn’t want to have a lazy daughter, no way. She had to study. Where? Who cares? And so, here she was at Ferraz School. And she had been here for 2 years.

“Jorge, teachers make no money at all. Your piss poor, I know, so I’ll pay for your ticket. “

junior21“Your full of shit, aren’t you, dear Simone? Who told you the reason I won’t go  is I can’t afford it? I have other vacation plans.”

“Yeah,” said José, “He intends to spend his vacation jerking off at home.”

Everybody laughed uproariously. Jorge got really mad, but Beti calmed him down. “Come on, Jorge, take us there. You’re the big man here. You could make it official as a school excursion. “


“What excursion?” Joaquim asked.

fat-ronaldo“No excursion, “said José. “You’re so fat the only excursion you can take part in is from your living room to your bathroom and you’re the bus and your shit is the members of the excursion.”

Adalto and Beti didn’t laugh, the others did. José made fun of Joaquim the whole time. They felt sorry for him, but there was always someone who was the butt of jokes. That’s life. But they didn’t need to enjoy or take part in it. Trying to help Joaquim would be useless. That would just add fuel to José’s fire.

“Come on, Joaquim. Do you think you can hike anywhere? Lard has no legs. You’d get tired pretty quickly. I know your name is Portuguese, but you don’t need to be that stupid.”

“Zé, you should stop making those disparaging comments about the Portuguese. We have a lot of Portuguese jokes; I guess in the USA, the Polish are the stupid ones. But I bet in both cultures that’s just a myth. The Portuguese and the Polish have stupid and intelligent people just like any other ethnic group.”

“Adalto,” José said patiently. “You are too politically correct. We need people to insult. What’s the fun in life if we can’t insult anybody? So, you bucket of stupid Portuguese flab. The only way you could move around the Amazon would be by rolling along. I guess I could kick you on every now and then to keep you rolling, but I’d get tired even of kicking you.”

He slapped his knees at his piece of witticism and started laughing.

Joaquim looked hurt as always, but didn’t say anything. He was used to humiliation. After a few seconds of silence, he blurted out, “I can get thinner, but you can’t have a personality transplant.”

“Who told you I wanna change, Mr. Legged Whale?”

“Well, at least, I have a big allowance, your allowance is a pittance and you have to walk to school.”

“You should do the same, lard mouth. Maybe you’d lose some weight.”

“Enough!” Jorge said. “I’m sick and tired of this bullshit. I’m not taking anybody anywhere. As I said, I have plans. I’m going to Bahia. I have relatives there.”

“Now I know why you keep defending Joaquim.” José said. “The Portuguese are stupid, but the Baianos have a reputation of making the Portuguese seem like Einsteins by comparison.”

“Your bigotry has become tiresome, Zé. If I come from a stupid people and I am your teacher, what does that make you?”

This time, everybody laughed.

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