Curupira – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

After discussing the subject a little further, Jorge still hadn’t made up his mind whether he should go or not. He did have plans to go to Bahia. He hadn’t seen his mom’s sister in quite a while and he did like her a lot. But his students were very insistent, so he decided to talk to them the following day at a bar near the school. They said goodbye and went their separate ways.

partying_frankensteinpngHe went to bed early even though it was Friday. Friday was usually his no-sleep or stay-up-very-late day. His schedule never allowed him to stay up late since he taught at night and in the morning. He was not a morning person. No way. But everybody wanted to teach in the afternoon and at night and this year he had lost his afternoon spot due to rotation. So Friday was the only day he could go out and have fun until all hours. And for him, going out on a Friday was a religion; he tried to do it every week. But sometimes he was too tired to do anything so he’d postpone his going out to Saturday. He actually did that a lot. He ended up going out on Saturdays more often than on Fridays, but he did go out on Friday very often, so much so nobody expected to find him at home after midnight.

He wanted to go to college again next year, he had a teaching degree and that’s very nice, but as Simone said, it didn’t pay very much. He was tired of scraping it to make ends meet at the end of every month. He loved teaching, but he had to either find a good private school to do it in order to boost his income or he had to teach as a sideline, not as his day job.

He had decided to do both. He had to teach during the day so he could go to college at night and he was thinking of getting a Business Administration degree. That would improve the odds of his getting a management position at a school, or he could look for a career in another line of business. He was young enough to do so.

man-sleepingHe started walking to his bed then he felt a presence in the room. He looked up and down, right and left, everywhere, but couldn’t find any trace of anybody. He dismissed the feeling and lay down in bed and started sleeping almost immediately, then he felt a weight on his chest as if someone was sitting on it, and then hands started choking him, he could barely breathe. He started to moan and whimper as he was being slowly choked to death, he heard a noise like a metallic sound reverberating in his ears.

He tried to push the hands away and dislodge the occupant from his chest, but to no avail. All his plans, his future life would be unrealized. He would die young leaving no trace of his passage through Earth. Suddenly he heard the phone. That was definitely the phone. He woke up and his cat was on his chest and the telephone was ringing insistently.

So that was just a bad dream triggered by his fat cat. He staggered to the living room to answer the phone. Unbelievable. He had gotten tired of getting up to answer the phone in his living room and so he had bought a cordless one and kept the base unit in his bedroom. The idea was to charge it at night, so if anyone rang, the phone would be right there close to his bed. The problem was, he kept forgetting to put it in the base unit to recharge. “I’m going to buy a regular phone and keep it here with the base unit”, he told himself for the hundredth time.

He picked up the phone, which was on the couch, and said, “Hello, mom.”

“How do you know it is me?” his mom asked surprised.

“Who’d call me at 1 a.m. on Friday on my regular phone? You’re the only person who never calls my cell phone. So what’s up?”

orelhao-itu“I knew you’d be awake getting ready to go somewhere. This is Friday. Anyway, can you take me to Itu on Sunday? I’ve been talking to Mariana and she says the town is great. Everything there is big. Pay phones, houses, mugs, and so on, it is a great tourist place right here near São Paulo City and I’ve never been there. You know I hate driving on highways, can you take us?”

Jorge didn’t feel like taking two gabby, tittering old ladies sightseeing, but what wouldn’t he do for his mom? He didn’t have any plans for Sunday anyway, so now it seemed he did. He said he’d love to take them and then went back to bed.

cat“Stay on your side of the bed, Bichano,” bichano was another word for cat in Portuguese. People never named their cats bichano, of course, that would be like naming your cat kitty, but that was the cat’s name nonetheless. He pushed the cat to his side of the bed and went back to sleep. He dismissed the bad dream as just a cat-related incident and didn’t give it another thought.

He never regarded it as any kind of omen whatsoever.

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