Curupira – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

padaria-e-lanchonete-coisinThe following day he woke up bright and early feeling invigorated. Well, bright and early for a Saturday morning meant about 9:30. He never had any breakfast at home; actually, he practically had no food at home, just snacks. He always went to snack bars, or lanchonetes, in the neighborhood for his daily caloric intake. He knew maybe home-cooked food was healthier, but he hated cooking and had no money to hire a cook. Anyway, there was a restaurant— actually it was a house whose front part  had been converted into a restaurant— in which he had breakfast and lunch in his neighborhood and there were other similar boarding houses or small restaurants around the school as well and he had no trouble finding pretty healthy food around. And they were cooked just like anybody would cook them at home, on a gas stove.

He just made sure to find an excuse to visit the kitchen and he always inspected bathrooms. As his mother always said, “cleanliness is akin to godliness.” If the place was clean enough, odds were he wouldn’t get food poisoning. But today he wasn’t going to his usual hangout. He had promised his students he’d meet them in a bar which was in a strategic place that made it nearer for everybody.

honda125fan_1He climbed onto his motorcycle and went on his way.

He got there fashionably late but was astounded by the number of students waiting for him. Actually, they weren’t just students; there were other people he’d never seen before.

“The news spread like wildfire, Jorge, now a lot more people want to go,” Simone said as soon as she spotted him.

brazilian-model1There was a round of introductions and then Jorge realized there was another teacher with them, Marcia, the Portuguese teacher, so he said, “I guess you don’t need me to make the trip an official school excursion, right? Marcia can do it.”

“Yes, I can. But the school thinks it would be nicer if they had two teachers with them, one male, one female.”

“What?” Jorge blurted out amazed.

“You see, Jorge, the vice principal heard the conversation and talked to the principal, disapprovingly, of course, since the guy is a dick, but the principal liked the idea and decided not only to provide two teachers for the trip, you being one of them, but also a plane. They are trying to charter one, however, if they don’t get enough money, or a sponsor, then we’d go by bus. And we’re getting paid for it, so, are you game now?”

José was beaming. It seemed he’d lucked out again. What a lucky son of a bitch!

Jorge mulled over it carefully. He did want to go to Bahia, but that would mean he’d have to take a bite off his savings account. The school was offering him the chance to have a vacation somewhere he liked and it would pay for it and give him pocket money to spend there for sure. I guess I don’t need to reflect much on that, he thought. He loved his aunt and had promised he’d go there this year, but there was always next year and if he didn’t take this opportunity he’d probably never get to know anywhere else besides São Paulo and Bahia.

But then again, taking care of a bunch of horny teenagers couldn’t exactly be regarded as “vacation”, could it? But he did need extra money to study next year. The paid vacation his school would give him would allow him to keep the money he’d saved right there in the bank.

“Don’t turn it over in your mind until the cows come home, Jorge.” Marcia said impatiently. “Are you in or out?”

“Yes,” Beti interjected. “Come on, man, say yes, you’re the cool teacher there, if they send Otávio along I’ll kill myself. “

“So I’m not cool enough for you?” Marcia interposed.

“Hold your horses, Marcia, I was talking about male teachers.”

“Good for you, Beti, I was about to give you a dressing-down you’d never forget.”

loiro2777“I wouldn’t mind if you gave her a dressing-down and a lick-over with me as a vicarious or active participant, “ José said laughing uproariously.

“You wish,” Marcia said glaring sideways at him with murder in her eyes.

“Cool down, teach, I was just pulling your chain.”

“One day I’ll pull it right back hard and choke you with it.” Marcia snapped back.

“Enough of this psychological foreplay, guys.” Jorge said annoyed. “I’m in. I’m game. I’ll dive into it headlong, is that determination enough for you?”

“Yes!” Simone ejaculated and the rest of the bunch followed suit.

Marcia leaned over and whispered into Jorge’s ear, “I think Simone has a crush on you, you’d better look out or this teeny-bopper is going to chew you up and spit you out and you’d better not be thinking about robbing the cradle. Don’t forget you’re 24, and she’s just 17.”

“If I want your advice, I’ll lash it out of you, Marcia,” Jorge whispered back jokingly, then he didn’t give her a chance for a comeback because he stood up and glanced around the bar.

bar-cheioThere were people occupying practically all the tables, and standing around on the sidewalk. He’d never seen so many people at the bar before. The owner owed him one. He was an old friend and he knew Jorge had brought everybody here. He was making money hand over fist today. I don’t think he has ever had as many people in his little out-of-the-way place, he thought. Of course, it wasn’t actually out of the way, it was located very near Interlagos Shopping Center, a big mall in the South Side of São Paulo, but since a lot more people went to the bars in the mall, you could say it was kind of out of the way.

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  1. Olá, onde vc achou essa foto do loiro??

    • Eu não me lembro mais.

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