Curupira – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Ok, folks, then all we need to do is get ready for our great adventure!”

After he said that he jumped and shouted, “Up, up and away!”

bichanoEverybody cheered up and started talking among themselves. Jorge went to the bar owner and told him, “Your Saturday is getting to be a very profitable one. Enjoy yourself with the crowd, I gotta find someone to keep the cat or at least go to my place and make sure he is well fed and stay with him for a while.”

“You have found the person, Jorge, me. I can do it, and my wife and daughter can help. Don’t worry about anything, Bichano will be pampered like hell by my daughter. She may even steal him away from you.” Alfredo said smiling.

“That’s great, you saved me a lot of leg work, I really appreciate it. Give me a cold blonde.”

Cold blonde is slang for beer in Portuguese, but translate cold as “gelada” and not “fria”.

He took his beer and walked over to the gang who had promoted the big event.

“There comes our fearless leader to review his troop.” José called out merrily.

“Is that beer I see in your hand, Zé?”

“Just fake beer, you know. Can I take a sip of the real stuff?”

“Just wait until you’re 18, it won’t take long. So, have your parents agreed to your trip?” Jorge asked no one in particular.

bellybutton“My parents can’t wait to get rid of me.” Simone said. “As long as I’m out of their hair, they don’t care. That’s kind of a family motto.”

“I should have a serious talk with your parents, “Marcia said, “The indifference they treat you with is criminal. They are lucky you’re not some sort of trollop or have run away from home or something like that.”

“Trollop? You mean slut or whore, right, Marcia? Get with the times, wench. Who uses that word anymore?”

That was Ricardo, the school Phys Ed teacher.

phys-edMarcia happened to use an outdated word just near someone who loved everything new. The guy was 47 years old, but, maybe because of that, he loved to show he was hip and in the know about everything that had just been released or launched. He had a passion for rap music, hip hop, anything teens loved and most of the time he behaved just like a teenager. The fact he was married with children made no difference to him, but it made to his kids, who hated to be the square in the family.

“So, are you coming with us, Ricardo?” José asked.

The guy could be a pain sometimes, but José did like him and wanted him to come along if at all possible. He’d be fun to have around.

“I’d like, too. But I don’t think the principal is going to pay for 3 teachers. So I guess I won’t be coming with you. “

“Too bad, “José said and really meant it.

They kept on talking for a while and then milled around the room, chatting with someone here, horsing around with another one there, just socializing, hobnobbing with the poor and infamous, as José usually said.

bar-metido-a-bestaThe afternoon wore on and everybody started decamping and soon the bar became silent and empty and the owner closed it and started setting it up for the evening. Today it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t rake in a lot of money since his good friend had made his afternoon.

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